Who is 66 Studios?

Meelo 63, Keyona, Vince, and Serenity

Northern Arizona’s Mainstream Radio Station “Q 102.9” featuring John Herring, Juli Page, and Bryan James is notorious for getting involved with the residents of Arizona through fundraisers, school projects, and hosting events that provide entertainment for all ages.  The “Q” is unique in its presence and distinguishes differently from other radio stations through its comedy,  interactions with schools across Arizona, and providing an opportunity for those in search of hope and prosperity.  Although Lady Gaga and Chris Brown provide music for everyone to dance to, the “Q 102.9” found a local Hip-Hop band from Northern Arizona that could provide a positive message to the youth around the nation while honoring the natural beauties around the Grand Canyon State.  The local band’s three hit singles “Have To Keep Moving”, “It’s Crazy”, and “I’ve Been Told” has created an enormous buzz throughout the airwaves reminding citizens from all over to maintain faith and positivity while traveling on this road called life.  John, Juli, and Bryan from the  Q 102.9 presents 66 Studios!

66 studios was created in Flagstaff, on September of 2009. The group’s stage name was derived from “Highway Route 66" to honor one of our nation’s oldest and historical highways as well as to give credit back to the Flagstaff community.The group creates music that can relate to our daily lives, to uplift those who are going through rough times, and to encourage those who are on the right path to continue to move forward. 66 Studios doesn’t degrade females nor encourage the promotion of violence.  The members of 66 Studios include: Rudi Ulibarri, Serenity Kuan, and Vincent Currie Jr.

In 66 Studios’ music, you will often hear terminology in reference to the city of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona as a whole. Some of the examples are: Flag-town; 7000ft; No Oxygen; FLG; Sunny Side; 928; Ponderosa Park; Southwest; Wild West; Grand Canyon, and etc…

66 Studios has three important goals that come before music and entertainment. Their first goal is to work within the community to spread a positive movement using music. Secondly, they are to do their best to encourage the children to be proud of where they come from and to have faith in their abilities regardless of their situation. Lastly, it is a big  priority for them to help those in need.

We as a nation will face up-hill battles and meet challenges, but throughout the communities nationwide we can conquer hatred and jealousy.  Remember that change starts at home with us first rather than with other people. Although music is a very powerful asset, we must remember to give back to those that are less fortunate and to pave the way for the younger generations because they are the future.

Download our latest single.. "Not Going to Quit "

7000ft Volume 2 is now available for download!!

In Memory of Cheryl Frazier and Tonie McCray

66 Studio's is made up of 3 people:
Rudi-G, Vincent Jr. and Serenity

Originally from Flagstaff. He's the producer as well as the head of 66 Studio's.  He sings, writes his own lyrics, freestyles, and raps.
Vincent Jr.
Originally from California, but was raised in Northern Virginia.  He writes his own lyrics and raps.
Originally from Flagstaff and is a song writer and singer.